‘Perceptive Underwriting’
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Specialist team with over 20 years experience of underwriting trade credit business
Established at Nexus in January 2014
2 Underwriters
*Up to USD $15m underwriting capacity per any single transaction or local currency equivalent

Product Overview

Nexus CIFS Ltd (trading as CIFS) provides high value underwriting expertise in sectors as diverse as oil refining, ferrous metal manufacturing, mining, petrochemicals, agriculture, electronics, construction and telecommunications within both the developed and emerging markets. By providing support to the growing needs of the commodity and trade finance business community on a bilateral and syndicated basis, we pride ourselves on our wealth of experience and strong analytical capabilities. This in turn provides an invaluable service for our producers and clients. 

  • Domestic and export comprehensive non payment coverage
  • Risks underwritten in emerging market regions such as Latin America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe alongside the more developed economies of the Eurozone and North America
  • We complement open account non-payment coverage with more comprehensive risk mitigation solutions across a broad range of traditional trade finance transactions such as receivable financing, pre-export finance, pre-payment obligations, reserve base lending and project finance
  • USD $15m any one transaction with tenors of 15 days to up to 5 years

Contact our Asia team

Kevin Gotts

Kevin Gotts

Nexus Co-Founder & Head of Specialty Asia

DD: +852 3614 6128 M: +852 5208 2055 E: Email Kevin